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  Duceralloy® N and StarLoy® N - the new nickel-chromium alloys of Dentsply and DeguDent. 
They are easy to finish and to mill thanks to its reduced hardness.

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Ingeniously versatile are the new ProFire2 compact and ProFire2 press. The new furnace generation combines ingenious, intuitive operation and high firing accuracy with versatile applications.

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The range of DeguDent alloys includes dental alloys for virtually any indication. Ongoing research and development activities at DeguDent further underscore the importance of these well-proven materials.

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Information presented on this webpage only refers to European markets

Cercon ht

Cercon ht is the new zirconia generation with outstanding
translucency for highly aesthetic restorations.

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Ceramco iC
Ceramco iC lets you realize high-quality restorations using build-up, pressing and press-to-metal techniques with one and the same materials.
Ceramco iC thus allows you to maximize your laboratory’s production capacity and to increase its efficiency and flexibility.

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