Ceramco 3

Ceramco 3 simply beautiful
Ceramco 3 is a complete porcelainfused-to-metal system that has been designed according to the unsurpassed traditions of DENTSPLY/ Ceramco 3 ceramic technology, which combines consistent product reliability with excellent natural aesthetics.
The Research and Development team in the USA have taken the patented Colour Correlation systemused in FinesseLow Fusing Ceramics and applied it to the new Ceramco 3 Porcelain System. This innovative manufacturing process ensures that every porcelain layer is exactly matched to the shade guide. The entire system from the opaques, through the dentins natural enamels and opal enamels impart the fluorescence of natural dentition.



Information presented on  this webpage only refers  to European Markets.

Features and Benefits:

Problem-free application to all high-fusing alloys with CTE values between 13.9 and 15.1 μm/mK

Ease of handling

High chroma and vitality for excellent aesthetics

Neutral Powder (to reduce the chroma)

White transparent powder for individual transparent effect for the incisal area

Small and efficient full starter assortment

Margin porcelains with high stability in layering

Paste opaques with a smooth and creamy consistency

Soft wear enamels

Shade guides for easy shade matching

Harmonized shade matching of the V-shades


Ceramco 3 Shade Mini System (with paste opaques)

8 x 2 ml Paste opaques
x 2 ml Base Paste
8 x 15 g Opaceous dentins
8 x 15 g Dentins
9 x 15 g Dentin Modifiers
5 x 15 g Natural Enamels
2 x 15 g Mamelons
8 x  3 g Stains
1 x 15 g Glaze (Overglaze)
2 x 100 ml Modeling liquids
1 Stain and glaze liquid
1 Stain Pallet with lid
5 x C3 shade guides
1 Flat brush blue
1 Flat Brush red
1 Collecting bowl, light
1 Collecting bowl, medium
1 Collecting bowl, dark
3 crystals (light, medium, dark)



Ceramco 3 Shade Mini System (with powder opaques)

8 x 15 g Powder Opaques
8 x 15 g Opaceous Dentin
8 x 15 g Dentin
9 x 15 g Dentin Modifier
5 x 15 g Natural enamel
2 x 15 g Mamelon Dentin
8 x  3 g Stains
1 x 15 g Glaze
2 modeling liquids (U and E)
1 x stain and glaze liquid
1 x Stain Pallet with lid
5 x C3 shade guides
1 x 15 ml opaque modifier fluid


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