Biostabil® Posterior Teeth
made of INPEN® - Quality Acrylic*

Biostatic occlusal complex

The biostatic occlusal complex has given the BioStabil line of denture teeth its name. The biostatic principle helps reduce the disadvantages of oblique planes. Transversal loads are kept to a minimum. BioStabil dentures are extremely stable, with minimal load on the denture base, that protecting the edentulous ridge. No obstacles exist to gliding movements in the masticatory range, nor any excessive intercuspation. This physiological “tolerance” renders BioStabil denture teeth suitable for all types of bite.



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Time-saving set-up

The cusp relief of the BioStabil posteriors is physiologically reduced (20° – 22°). Rather than contact points, you get contact zones which the teeth glide on and by which they are supported during function. Articulatory balance is rapidly and easily achieved, making subsequent adjustment almost completely unnecessary.


Shade system

Five BioStabil posteriors are available in V-shades (A1 – D4) and eight in Biodent shades
(10 – 41).

Technische Daten:


INPEN®-Quality Acrylic


Posterior Upper: 8 BIO forms, 5 V-forms
Posterior Lower: 8 BIO forms, 5 V-forms



Posterior cuspation



16 V-shades (A1-D4)
18 Biodent shades (10-41)

Supply form Item-No.
Biostabil Upper Vita Shades (5 Forms, 16 Shades)

01113 A1-D4

Biostabil Lower Vita Shades (5 Forms, 16 Shades)

01113 A1-D4

Biostabil Upper Biodent Shades (8 Forms, 18 Shades)

01013 10-41

Biostabil Lower Biodent Shades (8 Forms, 18 Shades)

01013 10-41

*INPEN® – Quality Acrylic

The high-quality INPEN® material(interpenetrated polymer network) is the chemical basis of the DENTSPLY denture teeth. Its highly connected copolymers give this material its superior properties:

Excellent abrasion resistance

Minimal plaque affinity

Excellent colour stability

Excellent craquele resistance

Maximum bond strength

Added reliability for the laboratory, dentist and patient

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