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DeguDent – Prosthetics is our strength

DeguDent develops and produces high-quality materials, instruments and devices for dental laboratories all over the world. Approximately 400 of the DeguDent staff work at the European Centre for Prosthetics at Hanau near Frankfurt, Germany. Hanau is also the home of DeguDent research and development, production, marketing and sales, and several others.


High-performance ceramicsHigh-performance ceramics
When treatment providers and dental technicians opt for Cercon, they arguably choose the clinically best-documented zirconia system on the market. This entails maximum safety for patients, treatment providers and laboratories alike. To date, more than 3 million dental units have been restored with Cercon - for highly aesthetic and clinically safe restorations.

DeguDent leads the market for precious dental alloys, continuing the grand tradition of famous Degussa. The range of DeguDent alloys includes dental alloys for virtually any indication. Ongoing research and development activities at DeguDent further underscore the importance of these well-proven materials.

Veneering ceramics and shade takingVeneering ceramics and shade taking
With its “kiss”, “love” and “press&smile” system brands, DeguDent can offer a comprehensive range of veneering ceramics for frameworks made of zirconia, precious and non-precious metals and titanium, as well as for the overpressing technique. The DeguDent product portfolio also includes two electronic shade-taking systems, the Shadepilot wireless spectophotometer and the ShadeStar colorimeter. Both these devices make shade-taking safer
and more objective.

Removable denturesRemovable dentures
The DeguDent range of denture teeth includes the Genios, Xena, Bioplus, Artiplus, BioStabil and Executive lines, covering all indications in the feel of removable dental restorations. DeguDent authorized resellers also offer the in:joy veneering resin as well as numerous consumables and also ceramic furnaces.