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Milestones of DeguDent

1900First dental activities of Degussa based on precious metal technology 
1919Acquisition of  Fa. Richter (Dental Alloys), Pforzheim, Germany
1951First Dental-Labority for Dentists and Dentaltechnicians
1964Worldwide first metal - ceramic (Degudent)
1976Acquisition of Bios GmbH, Bohmte, Germany
1989Participation in Ducera Dental GmbH, Rosbach, Germany
1991Participation in Sankin Kogyo K.K., Tokyo, Japan
1992Participation in Elephant B.V., Hoorn, Netherlands
1993Launch of innovative GoldenGate System
1994Launch of implants under Ankylos Implantat-System
1997Participation Degussa-Ney Dental Inc., Bloomfield, USA
1998Launch of the first Ormocer - based - filling material "Definite"
2000Spin off degussa Dental: International dental activities are bundled in Degussa Dental GmbH & Co. KG as of July 1st, 2000
2001Cooperation with the Dentsply International Inc., York, USA
Chance of the justice form: Degussa Dental GmbH
2002Launch of the innovative CAM-Systems Cercon®
2003Focus on dental products whithin the Dentsply group under the name of DeguDent GmbH
Introduction of the innovative Kiss Ceramic concept
2004Introduction of the Solaris galvonoforming system
2005Introduction of the Pd-Cu- free precious metal alloy BiOcclus® Kiss
2006Introduction of Cercon eye
2007Begin of network manufacturing Compartis
2009Introduction of the ceramic system Love and the new teeth Xena
2011Introduction of Cercon ht, new zirconia generation
2013Introduction of Celtra and Crypton
2015 Introduction of Cercon ht True Color Technology