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Gold by itself does not bring happiness - but if used in the correct proportions as a dental alloy in the mouth, it can give people a source of enduring satisfaction.

DeguDent has been developing metals for dental restorations and dentures for almost a century. Today DeguDent employs over a hundred people alone in the research and development of materials for dentistry and prosthetics. This strategy has been successful: our products are of the highest standard with regard to compatibility, aesthetics and practical application. To maintain this standard all materials are tested by highly respected institutes and universities and constantly improved by working in cooperation with dental laboratories and practices.

High Gold Containing Crown & Bridge Alloys

BiOcclus® inlay hard  yellow
Degulor® C hard yellow
Biocrown IV plus extra hard yellow
Degulor® NF IVextra hard  bright yellow
Degulor® Mextra hard yellow
Degulor® MO extra hard  yellow
Biolor® SGextra hard  yellow
BiO Degulor Mextra hard yellow
BiO Degulor nTmed. hard yellow

High Gold Containing Alloys for Ceramics

Degudent® G extra hard   yellow
Biobond® III extra hard  bright yellow
Degudent® Hextra hard  bright yellow
DeguDent Kissextra hard bright yellow
Degudent® U extra hard  white
Degudent® U 94 extra hard white
Degunorm®extra hard  yellow
Degunorm®purextra hard  yellow
Degunorm®logicextra hard yellow
Degunorm®supraextra hard  yellow
Degudent® LTG extra hard yellow
DG 88 extra hard  white
Degutan® extra hard  white
BiOcclus® 4 extra hard  yellow
BiOcclus® HTextra hard  yellow
BiOcclus® Goldextra hard yellow
BiOcclus® Kissextra hard yellow
BiOcclus® N extra hard  yellow
Biobond SG IV extra hard  yellow

Semi Precious Crown & Bridge Alloys

Stabilor® Gextra hard  yellow
Stabilor® NF IVextra hard bright yellow
Stabilor® IV plus extra hard yellow

Semi Precious Alloys for Ceramics

Degunorm®ecoextra hard  yellow
Degubond® 4extra hard  white
Stabilor LTGextra hard  bright yellow
Degudorextra hard white
Deva® 4 extra hard white
Econolloyextra hard bright yellow

Palladium-Base Alloys for Ceramics

Degupal®Gextra hard white     
Pors-on 4extra hard  white     
Degustar Fextra hard white
Econolloy Pdextra hard  white

Silver-Palladium Alloys

Degulight® extra hard  white
Palliag®Mextra hard white
Econolloy Agextra hard white
Econolloy Auextra hard white

Cobalt-Chromium Alloys for Partial Dentures

Biosil®I extra hard white
Biosil® Fextra hard white

Cobalt-Chromium Alloys

Duceralloy®C extra hard white
Duceralloy®softextra hard  white
StarLoy® Cextra hard white
StarLoy® softextra hard  white

Nickel-Chromium Alloys

Duceralloy®N hard          white
StarLoy® Nhard white