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Nature is our model for beauty and aesthetics; it has a creative freedom which makes it interesting to observe and characterises the individual. However, it allows neither symmetry nor chaos.
Beauty arises from tiny nuances which are created by the refraction and reflection of light, only to disappear again in an instant. The dynamics of light also develop in a natural tooth: light and different perspectives create a natural, vivid interchange of colours between opalescence and natural fluorescence.

Veneering ceramics

Perfect Kiss
Reduced number of masses – Perfect aesthetics – Simple and safe

These are three reasons why Kiss has become the most widely used ceramic system in Germany over the past ten years. We listened to your wishes and have created the new Kiss Artist Kit. Your work will be simple and safe – as usual. But whether you are faced with dimensional challenges or the need to reproduce subtle nuances in gingival reconstruction – Kiss now gives you even more customization options. And reproducible results on a great variety of framework materials.

love ceramic system

love is DeguDent’s ceramic system. You can now create ceramic veneers in V-Classic- and V-3D-Shades with a single ceramic assortment - for the first time ever. And an intelligent combination approach lets you do this with only 40 discrete masses.

Express your emotions in ceramics - out of love for a unified whole.

other veneering ceramics

Pressable ceramics

The pressable ceramic technique is gaining importance alongside the classical ceramic build-up technique. There are two groups of pressable ceramics systems; one comprises the so-called stand-alone pressable ceramics, where restorations are fabricated entirely from the pressable ceramic material. The other group comprises the so-called press-to ceramics, where an existing framework is overpressed. Both groups offer two finishing modes, the staining technique and the layering technique.