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Equipment and Consumables Products

Your technical skills and our top-notch materials assure excellence in dental technology – made in Germany.

Our aim is to realize new ideas, to offer high-quality products at reasonable prices. Working in an economically sustainable manner today is a prerequisite for tomorrow’s success.

Each of our products is the result of the diligent work of our dental technicians and scientists, the result of our intensive research efforts and our stringent quality testing before rollout. Our products are subjected to rigorous validation and controls, both at our own facilities and at research institutes and universities. This is the only way to give you the product quality you have rightly come to expect of DeguDent.

We work closely with our customers throughout the development cycles of all our products – from the original idea, the design and development stages, all the way to production and delivery. Your knowledge, your expectations and your experience are an integral aspect of the products we are proud to present to you today. Choosing DeguDent products means choosing quality products from Germany.




Model Casting

Melting & casting

Devesting & pickling

Welding & soldering




Molding device