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Rotating Instruments

The right selection of top-quality instruments

With its TwisTec® family of instruments, DeguDent is offering a series of tools that covers practically the entire range of applications you face in dental technology. The selection covers all the instruments and all the relevant steps for the respective processes. We have taken great care to make our presentation as transparent and easily understood as possible and to adapt it to the sequence of steps you follow in your daily work.

  • Top-quality innovative products
  • Brilliant surface quality
  • Excellent material properties
  • Optimized abrasive performance
  • Adapted to DeguDent materials
  • Optimized running smoothness, nearly without any vibration (exceeds the ISO requirements)
  • Up to a working part of 2.35 mm in diameter: Instrument consists of a single piece of tungsten carbide
  • Working part more than 2.35 mm in diameter: Working part is welded to the spring steel shank andfeatures a specially designed safety zone
  • The length of all shanks are designed for laboratory hand pieces; their diameter is 2.35 mm (ISO 104 HP = hand piece)
  • Shanks for the milling technique/milling units are available with diameters of 2.35 mm (short, ISO 103) and Ø 3.00 mm (short, ISO 123)

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