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To realize this ambitious goal, we have mobilized all our resources: intensive research, valuable raw materials, up-to-date production methods, and rigour quality control.

Dentsply offers you everything from Articulation concepts to Z that you need to create truly great dentures: from set-up systems to denture teeth.”


> Xena®

Every laboratory’s basic equipment should include a line of denture teeth which covers a wide variety of everyday laboratory indications. Xena, the quality toothline, accomplishes this with modern tooth moulds, a life-like surface structure, and the renowned IPEN® material. Xena is setting new standards in the laboratory.


> Genios®

Genios® - the genius among today’s and tomorrow’s prefabricated denture teeth - impresses with its brilliant aesthetics and perfect shape.


> Bioplus® Anterior Teeth
IPEN® - Quality Acylic

This successful classic is unsurpassed in its wealth of different forms and shapes. A total of 60 different anterior moulds ensure that there is a matching denture tooth for every clinical situation. The four layers of the Bioplus teeth create convincing vivid effects emanating from the depths of the tooth.


> Executive® Anterior and Posterior Teeth
IPEN® - Quality Acylic

Executive anterior and posterior denture teeth are a perfect answer to demands for aesthetic sophistication and economy alike.

> Cosmo HXL Anterior and Posterior Teeth
Superior HXL Material

Popular moulds, shades and excellent articulation make Cosmo HXL the natural choice.

> Artiplus® Posterior Teeth
IPEN® - Quality Acylic

The guiding surfaces of the occlusal relief guide the jaws safely to central occlusion. Artiplus posteriors are effortless to set up. The concave basal surface creates additional mechanical retention and allows for more rapid and uncomplicated adjustments.

> BioStabil® Posterior Teeth
IPEN® - Quality Acylic

With its physiologically reduced cusp relief, this posterior denture tooth is particularly easy to set up.

> Bioblend Anterior Teeth

Bioblend porcelain teeth offer highest overall aesthetic appearance with a natural shade blending from the centrals to the canines and are available in a large variety of  facial moulds.

> NT-System